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Parmigiani Fleurier

It is said that "beauty is silent eloquence" and Parmigiani Fleurier has holistically mastered the art of timeless beauty in the eloquent movements of their watches. Combining the rare art of making highly complicated designs, inspired by mother nature's intricate patterns, Parmigiani is a novelty in itself. Michel Parmigiani, a well-known restoration professional, and watchmaker has lent life to this brand with his bare hands. Like a true luxury watchmaker, the brand is dedicated to refining its design with every new release. You'll be mesmerized by the split-second design of the Tonda Chronor if you haven't witnessed it already!
Let us dive straight into the inception of the Parmigiani Fleurier brand and the inspiring story behind it! We'll also uncover what sets PF apart and discover some of its finest collections.
Michel Parmigiani - The Man Behind the Brand
Michel Parmigiani hails from Neuchatel, a small town drenched in the beauty of Switzerland. Fascinated by "Swiss Haute Horlogerie" - the elegant art of Swiss watchmaking, he is one of the very few who have dedicated their lives to their passion.
Young Parmigiani rejected Architecture over Watchmaking and began working as a restoration craftsmen in a time least suited for the profession. Yes, he started his career not in favor but against the winds of time, when the quartz crisis had engulfed the watchmaking industry.
He coursed through a rough patch of the doldrums of the watchmaking market, by spending time restoring items. By 1978, Michael was running his own restoration company that earned him admiration as well as respect as a craftsman with exceptional talent.Polishing his talent with every passing day, Parmigiani proved his mettle when he was called upon to serve the elite Maurice-Yves Sandoz collection, a divine museum in Switzerland.
He gave way to his boundless art of watchmaking in 1996 when he put together Parmigiani Fleurier, the remarkable brand bearing his name. This new brand would specialize in luxury watches of rare swiss art. Michel often turned to mother nature for inspiration and tried to inculcate the pristine patterns in his craft. The result is a line-up of watches that please your eyes as wondrously as a sight of the serene hill station of Switzerland.