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In 1957 Corum launched the Golden Tube model. This model was a gold tube with watch movements inserted in the tube. This watch led to the creation of the famous Golden Bridge model. A year later the company made another watch called the Chinese Hat. This watch sparked public curiosity by having its famous pyramid shaped head covering that Chinese farmers wear. Later on, in 1964, the Coin Watch was developed without a back cover. The watch had an ultra flat movement that was set in the twenty dollar Double Eagle Coin. Because the company has become so popular in the American watch industry, many famous American figures have worn Corum watches. As a result of this the Coin Watch has been worn by numerous U.S. Presidents. In 1965 The Buckingham model was presented. The Buckingham model was inventive because unlike Concord watches, it featured a large face with distinct features.
Corum has always attempted to be the leader in innovation. For example, in the 1960s it released a watch that was made out of genuine bird feather. In 1976 it continued on its mission for different watches and launched the Rolls-Royce watch which marked the first time ever a watch company partnered with an automobile company. In 1980 the Golden Bridge was made. It had a delicate hand graved baguette movement revealed behind the perfectly transparent sapphire crystal case. In 1983 the company made its famous Admiral's Cup design which was reinterpreted with nautical pennants corresponding to the international maritime codes. In 1986 the Meteorite watch was made and featured a dial cut from an authentic meteorite. 1993 the Admiral's Cup Tides watch was launched which featured dials for lunar cycles and the time of the tides. It also had the estimation of water levels and the strength of currents. In 1997 Corum filed a patent for a new invention that was found in the Toboggan watch. The watch had ingenious mechanisms which allowed the watch case to be positioned upright. This feature transformed the wrist watch into a table clock. In 2005 the Classical Vanitas was made with stone and marble parts. In that same year Corum's 50th anniversary watch was made.