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Arnold & Son

Arnold & Son watch brand started in the early 1700s as a young man's passion for making watches. It has, over time, grown to become a luxury brand and an intrinsic part of watchmaking history in Britain. John Arnold's passion for making watches began in 1962, and that has gained popularity among the British communities. It comes with a ring that has a half-quarter repeater to present King George III. The Arnold No. 36 was John Arnold's first minor storm in precision timekeeping. It got reviews at Greenwich, and Britons appreciated it for its precision. This was the first timepiece to be given the name, chronometer, which is a term used for an unusual and accurate watch.
John Arnold was joined by his son, Roger Arnold, in 1796, and together they became the premier suppliers of watches to the Royal Navy. Their watches are known for their exemplary features. Arnold & Son, over the next two centuries, has strengthened its positions as the leading manufacturer of watches in the world. The firm specializes in designing precise and elegant timepieces that are made in Switzerland for the elite members of British society. Arnold & Sons is a historic timepiece brand that is now available in almost every country around the world. Arnold & Son is now a top supplier of timepieces to the Royal Navy and many other places around the world.