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Ball Watch

Most luxury watch brands are the brainchild of gifted craftsmen who give a new meaning to the art. But Ball is a brand that honors the very first timekeepers of America who laid the foundation of a modern country, with the railroad network! Timekeeping and railroad? Don't be confused! While being the mechanical wonders they are, the Ball Watches are closely associated with the story of time itself in America. Let's read about the jewelry artist who put helped America's time in order at the train stations, and what makes his watch company so great.
Ball Watch Co. - How Chaos Lead to Order
Kipton, Ohio, met the dreaded misfortune of a train collision in 1891 caused by a malfunction in an engineer's watch throwing the train timings for a toss. As a corrective measure, Webster C. Ball, skilled in timekeeping, was called for duty as the Chief Time Inspector at train stations. He heavily contributed towards maintaining a strict time standard for watches worn by railroad officials.
Later, his newly developed "RR Standard" for the time was widely adopted and became the de-facto for railroad timekeeping in America. Webb C. Ball went on to establish the Ball Watch Company, as a result of his expert knowledge of time and jewelry - the critical factors of every luxury watch brand. Why should you buy a Ball Watch for Sale?
What attracts the world to Ball Watches, and why should it grace your wrist? Here are the top reasons that make the Ball brand an absolute favorite! The Ball Watch Co. History with Time
The founder of Ball brand has great historical importance with American railroads. It was that after his system was put in place, that America was divided into accepted time zones. Before that, each region maintained its own time.
It makes the watch an instant delight for the collectors and a symbol of pride for the watch enthusiasts of the United States. You're wearing an important bit of history on your wrist!