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JeanRichard is a brand name of a line of Swiss luxury wristwatches. The name is based on a famous Swiss watchmaker, Daniel JeanRichard, and was acquired as a name by Luigi Macaluso in 1986, who later bought the Girard-Perregaux company. Macaluso formed the Sowind Group, which owns the Girard-Perregaux and JeanRichard brands, in partnership with Kering. The brand name was originally Daniel JeanRichard but now is simply JeanRichard.
Are JeanRichard wristwatches still in production?
The JeanRichard watches are currently still in production, as of 2020. In 2013, the brand received a makeover and renewed focus with original designs targeted toward young and urbane consumers. There are several series of modern JeanRichard
watches that are actively being produced today based on this new launch. What type of movements are used with JeanRichard wristwatches? The majority of the JeanRichard watches have an automatic movement, but there are some models that also have a quartz movement, primarily in the Daniel JeanRichard TV Screen model series. However, most of the TV Screen models have automatic movements.
What are some available models of JeanRichard watches?
The JeanRichard brand has come back in a strong fashion, starting with the release of four collections that are related but also unique. All four groups have the same case chassis, one which can be configured in multiple designs. This allows for a coherence across the collections that does not overshadow the differences.