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Swiss brand "The Tudor" also known as Tudor is a subsidiary brand under Rolex. Tudor was born in February of 1926 in Geneva. The idea of the brand came when Hans Wilsdorf, one of the Rolex founders, wanted to create a more affordable watch that could appeal to the masses. The key feature of Tudor brand watches was that Wilsdorf emulated the dependability that Rolex watches are renowned for but at a lower price point.
The first set of Tudor watches for sale were released to the Australian market in 1932. The Willis company had exclusive access to distribute them only to the best jewelry stores across the country. The initial design of Tudor watches appeared in a rectangular shape with beveled sides. On these Tudor-signed watches, the Tudor logo can be seen as a signature with a "long T" above the other letters.
On some rare vintage Tudor watches, you may even find the Rolex name to guarantee Tudor watch quality as the company began to build its brand recognition. During this time, some luxury watches even featured double named dials depending where they were retailed. Leading up to 1990, many timepieces actually used Rolex Oyster cases and crowns before they manufactured their own independent materials in house. Tudor's watch designs have been known for being thoughtful, functional, and contemporary. Customers can find both ladies' and men's Tudor watches for sale.
By 1946, Hans Wilsdorf formally expanded the brand and focused on cultivating its identity under the "Montres TUDOR S.A." company. It was apparent that Wilsdorf wanted Tudor to have the same reliability and integrity of Rolex. He was confident and ready to take this brand onto the next chapter in history. For Tudor specifically, he included the Oyster case and auto wind movement along with the full Rolex guarantee - which still stands today.