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Patek Philippe

Polish immigrants Antoine Patek and Francios Czapek founded their company in 1839. In the early years, they specialized in making bespoke pocket watches for royalty and other elite members of society. After just a short time, Patek attended the Exposition Nationale des Produits de L'Industrie in Paris, France in 1844. It was here that he met a man named Adrien Philippe. Philippe had just been awarded a bronze medal for his innovative keyless winding and hand-setting system. Within a year, Patek and Philippe decided to go into business together, officially forming the Patek Philippe brand in 1845. That same year, the duo produced their first pocket watch together using Philippe's keyless winding and hand-setting system.
For the next few years, the company continued to serve their high-class clientele. However, Patek knew that the brand needed to think bigger and grow their international reputation. So, in 1851, he traveled to the United States and began working with Tiffany & Co. This partnership has continued to this day.
The brand's aspirations to build their international presence quickly paid off. In 1853, Patek Philippe participated in the Exhibition of the Industry of all Nations in New York City. Here, they received a silver medal for their creations. Just two years later, the brand received another silver medal at the World's Fair in New York City.
The company was beginning to pick up speed, and Patek wanted to keep up their momentum. He continued to cultivate their partnership with Tiffany & Co. In addition, he traveled to cities all around the United States until he accumulated orders for 150 watches. His persistence and perseverance made a lasting impression on Tiffany & Co. and the American market. Ever since, Patek Philippe has maintained this highly regarded reputation.