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Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross was started in 1992 by the two Frenchmen, and long life friends, Carlos Rosillo (Ross) and Bruno Belamich (Bell). With a shared vision for designing and producing watches meant for professional use, the awesome duo joined the watch industry through collaboration with Helmut Sinn the owner of Sinn watches. Since then, their ideas have changed the horology space.
In 1994, the company re-issued the first-ever Bell and Ross automatic watch meant for the space mission, the renowned Space 1. The entire undertaking was a success. Two years later, with their mission in mind, they collaborated with French Security Services to produce Bell & Ross Bomb Disposal Type. A timepiece with anti-magnetic, reliability and high precision features.
In 1997, the Bell & Ross Hydro Challenger raised the company recognition. Their high-end diving watch, which won the World water-resistance record in the Guinness Book of Records is highly water-resistant and functions at 11,000 meters below the sea level, making it an incredible watch.
Space 3 chronograph changed the company face, and Chanel Horlogerie acquired a minority share. In 2002, Sinn and Bell n Ross collaboration ended but retained the Chanel Horlogerieagreement. Chanel gave them access to autonomous production in Chaux-de-Fonds.
In 2005, Bell & Ross introduced a timepiece that became an icon in their watchmaking journey, the BR 01. With recognition worldwide due to exposure, the brand proved its independence. Its excellent design allowed them to produce multiple varying Bell and Ross limited editions. The BR 01 is unique, simple, strong, has the military roots, and easy to recognize.
The inspiration on the Bell Ross watch source is the airplane dashboard timekeeping instruments. They wanted to create the same thing for experts to wear it on the wrist. With black color, the square case, sleek dial, and intense contrast, the timepiece is basic but a strong Bell n Ross brand identity.
Today, the French luxury watch company continues to show its diversification through the production of several collections that sell in various outlets around the world. Its production happens at G&F Chatelain that is owned by Chanel in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.