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Alexandre Meerson

As watches gain in popularity among general and luxury consumers, so too do the many niches of timepiece diversity, offering what seems like an ever-expanding array of options in the modern marketplace. Today, we'll be looking at a relatively new brand, Alexandre Meerson¡ª a British-based, bespoke-focused watchmaker led by a man of the same name and capitalizing upon this rising desire for distinguished designs with its fashion-focused luxury watches.
Meerson (the founder and creative director of the eponymous brand, pictured above), had his interest in watches stoked by his father, Emerich Meerson, who first led a brand under his own name from the 1970s into the early 1990s. The son chose to follow in the father's footsteps, remaining in the watch and design space and working for a number of Richemont and LVMH brands before releasing his own inaugural watch in 2014, under the new brand that bears his name, Alexandre Meerson.