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Hermes watches began producing timepieces in Biel, Switzerland, in 1928, creating La Montre Hermes. Hermes watches are classic and elegant with a wide choice of beautiful straps. Hermes began with creating the Arceau wristwatches, and then quickly expanded to include the Clipper and Cape Cod watches. In 1997 Hermes launched the H-Hour watch, which features the famous Hermes H. and is available in stainless steel and yellow gold models. Next came the Dressage which, an automatic watch with a Manufacture Vaucher movement and can be found in stainless steel and rose gold models.
Hermes is a family-owned business with a long history of creating beautiful leather goods, perfume, and silk scarves. Today Hermes has boutiques throughout the world and is considered one of the most popular and recognized luxury brands.
Hermes has conceived many unique collections over the years. The Hermes Heure collection, also known in English as the Hermes H Hour collection, is one of the most recognizable watches that they produce. It has a unique case shape shaped like the H from their logo. Hermes Heure watches have numerous models that come on high-end leather straps made of the luxury grade leather you have come to expect from this brand. While many Hermes Heure wristwatches use a watch band that wraps around the wrist only once, many models will use a double tour strap. The double tour straps from Hermes wrap around the wrist twice