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Certina is a Swiss watch brand based in the historic watchmaking city of Le Locle. Often described as an entry-level luxury brand, the company has a history dating back to the late 1800s. They have been at the forefront of watch innovations, creating a number of world firsts.
Now owned by Swatch Group, Certina produces a line of watches that are built around the core concept of Double Security - a collection of features that ensure the robustness of each watch.
I'd like to take you through a history of the company, explaining where they fit into the watch trade, and then present you with the seven best watches that the brand currently offers. Let's start with the company's roots.
The History of Certina Watches
Like most Swiss watchmaking companies, Certina started out as a small family-owned business. Created by the brothers Adolf and Alfred Kurth, the new company employed three people and made their own watch movements in an annexe attached to the family home.
This small team took a few years to start producing their own complete watches but began to expand as they did. By the early 1900s they were making their own watches under the brand name Grana and by 1938 - the companies 50th anniversary - they had 250 employees.
By then they had already begun using the name Certina. A little like Rolex, they chose this brand name because it wasn't limited to a particular language. Although inspired by the Latin word for ¡®sure', it was a name chosen to target an international audience. In 1939 the name was registered and a decade later became the only name the company used.