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This being the watch world I have to clarify that I don't mean a collection of full sapphire cases here. The aim of Lausanne-based CODE41 is to offer high-quality mechanical watches at a fair price, while revealing precisely where that money goes. It's a tall order, trying to upset as big and powerful a ship as the watch industry, but so far they've hit it like a torpedo.
After a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2016, the first CODE41 models hit on 8 November 2017 - an impressive collection, titled ANOMALY-01, of masculine yet elegant automatic watches at extremely affordable price points. So far, so good, though not exactly revolutionary. That came in 2018 with the inception of Project X41.
Sure it sounds like a UFO crash site, but the ideas behind Project X41 are far less outlandish than that. In fact, those ideas are positively down to earth - if you don't intimately know the watch world.
CODE41 wanted to create a watch where telling the time was just a pretext to highlight the finest tenets of true watchmaking. After all, anything can tell the time; true horology goes well beyond that.