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Wearing a Blancpain is like placing luxury watch history on your wrist. A true pioneer, Blancpain is actually the oldest luxury watch brand in the world, dating back to 18th century Switzerland.
Blancpain watches have evolved from the home-based workshop of Jehan-Jacques Blancpain, the founding father of the company. Since 1735 (nearly 284 years ago), every Blancpain watch is exclusively handcrafted by a skilled watchmaker in Switzerland.
There's much more to this marvellous watchmaker, that you must know before you buy one. Let's look at Blancpain price, collections and why it'll compliment your taste of luxury!
Blancpain - Why it deserves to be your next watch?
Maintaining its luxury watch tradition, Blancpain is known for never compromising on its quality! For instance, while many brands today have shifted to Quartz crystal, which is cheaper and easily available, Blancpain has earnestly preserved its original mechanical movement. Blancpain proudly claims, Blancpain has never made a quartz watch and never will, which ensures its customers that they're buying only the finest.
More so, it's exciting to know that till date every Blancpain watch is handmade in some form.
Blancpain - Art Lovers Delight
Blancpain creates watches that reflect timeless art in their designs. The latest M¨¦tiers d'Art series offers art lovers a special reason to fall for Blancpain watches. The Blancpain Binchotan features a Japanese arch set in the dial charismatically with great precision, whereas the Shakudo 3615 has the Indian god Ganesha embedded into the dial. The watches prove time and again that you're embracing a piece of art, and not merely a time-teller!