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The Bremont brand was born out of a devastating family tragedy. Craftsmanship was in the English family's DNA. Brothers Nick and Giles English grew up in their father's workshop, always designing and building things. Their father, Euan English, was a former Royal Air Force pilot with a Ph.D. in Aeronautical Engineering. He instilled in his sons a great passion and enthusiasm for handiwork and invention until his tragic death while practicing for an air display in a 1942 WWII Harvard aircraft. Nick was also involved in the plane accident with his father, but miraculously, he survived. After a long and difficult recovery, Nick emerged with an even more intense passion to continue his father's commitment to engineering and craftsmanship. He and his brother Giles made a promise to uphold their father's legacy and embrace the preciousness of life by creating stunningly engineered mechanical devices.
The name Bremont comes from another hardship endured by the English brothers. The pair were flying across France in a 1930's biplane and were forced to undertake an emergency landing due to inclement weather. They landed in the field of a humble farmer who graciously took the brothers in. He too had been a pilot in the military and shared their fascination with building and creating. His home was filled with handiwork and projects, from wall clocks to engines. The farmer helped the brothers restore their plane, and they vowed that his generosity would never be forgotten. The farmer's name was Antoine Bremont.
It's clear that no obstacle is too great for the English brothers to overcome. No matter what life throws at them, they bounce back with greater strength and enthusiasm than before. This attitude is what defines the Bremont brand. Rooted in both the British tradition of watchmaking and the family tradition of creating and crafting, the Bremont brand has been producing beautifully engineering timepieces since 2002. It comes as no surprise that the company's first timepieces were pilot's watches, inspired both by their father's career and the brothers' shared love of flying historic aircrafts.