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Switzerland has long been acknowledged as the watchmaking capital of the world, with many Swiss firms dominating the luxury watch industry and comprising its most well-respected names. One of the undisputed heavyweights of the Swiss luxury watch world is Chopard. Here is some important information about Chopard wristwatches to help you when making your selection.
How long has Chopard been producing watches?
Chopard has been making exquisitely crafted watches since 1840, when Louis-Ulysse Chopard founded the company. It remained proudly in the hands and under the control of the Chopard family until 1963, when Karl Scheufele III, head of watchmaking company Eszeha, bought it. Scheufele's son Karl-Friedrich and daughter Caroline are the current co-presidents of Chopard.
What are some men's Chopard watches?
Men's Chopard watches come from the following collections:
L.U.C.: Named with the initials of the brand's founder, the watches in this collection all have a classic look, with black, brown, or blue leather straps and elegant cases made of stainless steel, white gold, or rose gold.
Classic Racing: The watches in this series are built for speed and precision timing. Although they are beautiful in their own way, they do tend to sacrifice glitz and glamour in favor of functionality. They feature black rubber straps, plain black or white faces, and sturdy stainless steel or rose gold cases. They nearly always have chronographs, so precise timing of anything is always at your fingertips.
Classic: Classic Chopard men's watches are made in the company's old style and redolent of the Old World, with their smooth leather straps and gleaming gold cases.